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United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) is the professional association of home care providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors. UKHCA helps organisations that provide social care (also known as domiciliary care or homecare), which may include nursing services, to people in their own homes, promoting high standards of care and providing representation with national and regional policy-makers and regulators. The Association represents over two-thousand members across the United Kingdom, in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Have your say - Save Our Homecare e-petition launched Save Our Homecare logo

UKHCA has launched the Save Our Homecare e-petition to demonstrate to Government the urgent need to fund homecare services properly – both for today and the future. The Save Our Homecare initiative is part of UKHCA’s wider campaign to influence Government ahead of the spending review this November. The e-petition is live here and Save Our Homecare Facebook and Twitter pages have been launched to help spread the word.

See the Supporter Pack for UKHCA members which has ideas and resources to help members get involved and spread the word about the campaign.

Every signature counts - A strong demonstration of public support for the Save Our Homecare petition will send a powerful message to Government of the need for action.

Announcement posted on: 01 October 2015


National Minimum Wage Rates Increase

The National Minimum Wage rate has today, 1st October 2015, increased from £6.50 per hour to £6.70 per hour.

This increase has been reflected in our costing model and means that UKHCA's Minimum Price for Homecare is now £16.16 per hour.

Announcement posted on: 01 October 2015


Training Partners

Are you a self-employed trainer?

We are currently looking to build working relationships with a small number of high calibre self-employed trainers to help deliver some of our portfolio of training workshops and courses.

Our programmes are designed to support homecare providers to provide staff training and update their knowledge on current trends and issues within the sector (one day workshops). Suitable applicants should have experience of the homecare sector and an understanding of delivering training to practitioners at various levels.

For further information contact Jayne on

Announcement posted on: 24 September 2015


UKHCA's response to the NICE homecare guideline

UKHCA welcomes the NICE Homecare Guideline issued today and believes that homecare providers and front line care workers will find it beneficial in their daily practices.

UKHCA Policy and Campaigns Director, Colin Angel said:
“The guideline highlights the necessity for individualised approaches to care and reflects the evidence base of what we know will best support people with social care needs at home. It is vital that these approaches are implemented by front-line workers and those responsible for commissioning services, particularly in relation to the time available to provide dignified care.
“We know that people who use home based care value the relationships that they build with those who support them, but can be frustrated if their care is not properly coordinated between different professionals. Therefore we are particularly pleased to see the recommendation of a “named care coordinator” principle in the Guideline."

To view the NICE Guideline visit:

Announcement posted on: 23 September 2015


“Working Time” and the National Minimum Wage

There was considerable media reporting yesterday (10 September 2015) relating to the interpretation of “working time” following a judgement by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The judgement relates to workers who do not have a fixed place of work, which is likely to include the majority of homecare workers. Much of the media coverage has implied that this will affect what counts as "working time" for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage. Our initial legal advice is that it will not. However, it will affect what counts as "working time" under the Working Time Regulations. For more information, UKHCA members should see the briefing we have emailed to them today, which has been prepared with the assistance of Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP.

Announcement posted on: 11 September 2015


September edition of Homecarer now available for members

In this issue of Homecarer Chair Mike Padgham says the Chancellor must increase funding for social care in the Spending Review 2015. Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP discuss ‘well-led’ while UKHCA Senior Campaigns Officer Duncan White considers how to improve ratings. We also include Towergate Insurance, who discuss the duty of candour, and Doug Sheperdigian and David Bell of Atlantic Customer Solutions who consider outcome-based commissioning. There is plenty going on in the devolved nations - Policy Officer Dominic Carter looks at a national review of homecare in Wales and Duncan White discusses healthcare quality in Scotland, while NISCC Chief Executive Colum Conway answers questions on workforce registration in Northern Ireland.

Finally, we launch our Personalisation Factsheet, and Top tips on fee negotiations and challenges by Anthony Collins. To download Homecarer, see:

Announcement posted on: 09 September 2015


UKHCA submit evidence to HM Treasury on Spending Review 2015

UKHCA have submitted extensive evidence to HM Treasury on the 2015 Spending Review. This Spending Review will inform how public money is allocated and spent for the next five years.

We made a robust case for increased funding for homecare and meeting the extra costs of the National Living Wage. We showed that underfunding homecare undermines market stability, impacts upon the continuity of care for people who use services and places undue demand side pressure on the NHS.

Members can see how we responded in full here.

Announcement posted on: 04 September 2015


New Member Resource: Personalisation Factsheet

Personalisation is a policy directive that continues to develop across the UK, it is fundamentally about securing better outcomes for people who use services and giving individuals a more active role in the delivery, management and commissioning of care.

UKHCA's new factsheet will give members an overview of personalisation policy across the UK as well as practical advice to help members develop a truly personalised service and tips for how to deal with potential challenges as personalisation policy continues to develop. 

Announcement posted on: 18 August 2015


Open Letter to the Chancellor on National Living Wage

Today, UKHCA publishes an open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, supporting the National Living Wage, but calling for action to ensure that the costs are fully funded by government, which UKHCA estimates will be £753 million in the first year alone.

UKHCA has revised our Minimum Price for Homecare, which increases from the current £15.74 per hour, to £16.20 per hour from October 2015 and £16.70 per hour from April 2016, when the new National Living Wage comes into force.

Read UKHCA’s letter to the Chancellor in full. BBC News video. UKHCA media release.

Announcement posted on: 27 July 2015


Government cap on care costs to be delayed until 2020

Responding to Government’s announcement that the policy to cap care costs in England will be delayed until 2020, the United Kingdom Homecare Association’s Policy Director, Colin Angel, said:

“Government’s announcement will cause additional distress for some people who may face significant care costs in the future.

The social care sector is massively underfunded and the delay to the cap provides an opportunity for Government to prioritise public resource where it is most needed, meeting the care and support requirements of older and disabled people, many of whose needs currently remain unmet.

Government must take urgent measures, starting with the upcoming Spending Review, to ensure that funding reaches front line homecare services rather than being subsumed in the processes of local government.”

See the full UKHCA media release at:

Announcement posted on: 17 July 2015


Chancellor to bring in National Living Wage from 2016

Responding to the Chancellor's announcement of a new compulsory National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for workers of 25 or over from April 2016, rising to over £9 an hour by 2020, UKHCA Policy Director Colin Angel commented:

"UKHCA supports measures which improve the terms and conditions of low-paid workforces. We note that Government's announcement on a National Living Wage for workers aged 25 years and above is offset to some degree by changes to employers' National Insurance contributions. However, due to the age profile of the social care workforce this announcement will have a significant impact on the cost of homecare.

"Whilst employers are responsible for meeting the increased cost, the vast majority of homecare services are purchased by local councils, who have an extremely poor record of increasing their fees in response. The impact of constrained public spending by councils has been subject to repeated criticism from the Low Pay Commission.

"We call on Government in each UK administration to ensure that the statutory sector is adequately funded to meet these additional costs, and to monitor effectively how such funding is passed on to employers. It is vital to ameliorate the negative impact on an increasingly under-funded sector, and to achieve better conditions for the homecare workforce in a sustainable way."

A summary of the Summer Budget 2015 key announcements is at: Chancellor's speech. Policy Documents.

Announcement posted on: 08 July 2015


UKHCA supports call for better focus on supporting people with dementia to live at home

UKHCA supports the Alzheimers' Society's call for a national focus on providing sufficient good quality homecare, to enable people with dementia to live independently for as long as possible and reduce admissions to hospitals and early entry to care homes. A survey of GPs carried out for the Alzheimer's Society's report, 'Aiming higher to transform lives' on the quality of life of people with dementia in England, found that 67% do not think their patients with dementia get enough support from social services. The report also recommended that homecare visits should be no shorter than 30 minutes and that this should be set in regulations. UKHCA Chief Executive Bridget Warr spoke at the Alzheimer's Society annual conference last week, underlying the importance of adequately funded homecare to helping live well at home with dementia.

The Alzheimer's Society is proposing that there should be a national, funded plan to deliver the Prime Minister's challenge on dementia 2020, including actions on homecare that were presented by UKHCA.

More on "UKHCA supports call for better focus on supporting people with dementia to live at home"

Announcement posted on: 06 July 2015


UKHCA welcomes Assembly recommendations on regulation in Wales

UKHCA welcomes recommendations from the National Assembly for Wales’ Health and Social Care Committee on the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Bill. We are pleased to see the Committee agree that domiciliary care workers should be required to register with Social Care Wales (currently the Care Council for Wales). We also welcome the Committee’s recommendation that Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales) should review the efficacy of the commissioning of social care services by local authorities and health boards on the lives of people who use care services, and call on the Minister for Health and Social Services to extend this remit further, by requiring direct oversight of local authority commissioning practice by the regulator itself. UKHCA full press release.

Announcement posted on: 03 July 2015


Rapid action must be taken to protect people who need homecare

Commenting on the ADASS Budget Survey 2015 report released today, Mike Padgham, Chair of United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) said: “Further cuts this year of £1.1bn, on top of £4.6bn in cuts since 2010-11, will have a devastating effect on the care we are able to give. This is a truly alarming statistic and a frightening realisation of what UKHCA has been warning would happen for many, many years.”

Bridget Warr, UKHCA Chief Executive, continued: "ADASS’s budget survey makes very worrying reading indeed. If local authorities genuinely find themselves forced to pay less for what they acknowledge is "vital homecare", this could have serious consequences, not least for people needing support to live at home. Choosing to cut homecare further would also mean disadvantaging those of their citizens who work so hard to deliver that support, by suppressing the potential to increase levels of pay in the sector. This cannot be right. We have shown that councils need to pay a minimum price of £15.74 per hour for homecare services, based on just National Minimum Wage rates for careworkers (and of course they deserve better pay), in order to enable providers to run a sustainable business...". Read full media release. Community Care article, quoting UKHCA.

Announcement posted on: 04 June 2015


UKHCA manifesto calls for properly funded community-based social care

With the May 2015 election in mind, UKHCA called on the political parties which lead, or have a significant influence on the next Government, to commit to the principles of the UKHCA Manifesto. We say the UK needs a new approach, with proper funding of community-based social care, to reduce dependence on acute services, while supporting people to live well at home.

Announcement posted on: 06 May 2015


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