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Training Standards

Regulation of social care providers has brought about the introduction of National Minimum Standards (National Care Standards in Scotland). These standards vary within each country.

Identified below are the current training standards for each country of the United Kingdom.


The requirements for training in England are explicit:

From 1st October 2010

New training requirements were applied in England from 1st October 2010, as provisions of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activity) Regulations 2010 (the Regulations) and Guidance about compliance: Essential Standards of Quality and Safety came into effect. These replaced the training requirements in the Domiciliary Care National Minimum Standards (2002).

Outcome 14 (Supporting workers), Outcome 24 (Requirements relating to registered managers), Outcome 25 (Registered person: training), parts of Outcomes 12 (Requirements relating to workers) and Outcome 13 (Staffing), of the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety place obligations on employers to recruit effectively, have sufficient staff and ensure they are trained, supervised and appraised, establish individual learning and development plans and a workforce plan, and ensure registered managers and registered persons are qualified and experienced.

Staff must undertake induction to Skills for Care Common Induction Standards and training and qualifications to meet requirements advised by workforce body Skills for Care. These are listed according to job role, with a timescale for completion and links to additional information on Skill's for Care's qualification and training web page (as revised from time to time).

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National Care Standards: Care at Home1

Management and staffing

Standard 4

You experience good quality care at home. This is provided by management and the care staff who have the skills and competence to carry out the tasks you require. The service operates in line with all applicable legal requirements and best-practice guidelines.

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The National Minimum Standards for Domiciliary Care Agencies in Wales (2004)1


Outcome: The personal care of service users is provided by qualified and competent staff.

Standard 20 (See regulation 16 (Staffing))

20.1 All staff including Managers are competent and trained to undertake the activities for which they are employed and responsible.

20.2 All care workers delivering personal care who do not already hold a relevant care qualification as listed as the recommended occupational qualification in the Care Council for Wales Qualification Framework are provided with learning and development (as identified by Standard 19.1) which requires them to work towards a qualification.

20.3 By July 2009 50% of all care workers hold a qualification as listed as the recommended occupational qualification in the Care Council for Wales Qualification Framework.

20.4 By July 2009 all Managers employed before 1 April 2004 must hold the qualification as listed as the recommended occupational qualification in the Care Council for Wales Qualification Framework. Those managers first employed after 31 March 2004 hold a qualification as listed as the recommended occupational qualification in the Care Council for Wales Qualification Framework within 3 years of the commencement of their employment.

20.5 Records of training and development undertaken and the outcome, are kept on a central development file and on individual personnel files.

20.6 The Manager undertake periodic training to update knowledge, skills and competence to manage the agency.

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Northern Ireland

Domiciliary Care Agencies Minimum Standards

Standard 12: Staff are trained for their roles and responsibilities.


12.1 Newly appointed staff are required to complete structured orientation and induction, having regard to NISCC's Induction Standards for new workers in social Care (see note below), to ensure they are competent to carry out the duties of their job in line with the agency's policies and procedures.

12.2 The registered manager requires newly appointed staff to provide evidence of training most recently undertaken that fulfils mandatory training requirements.

12.3 Mandatory training requirements are met.

12.4 The training needs of individual staff for their roles and responsibilities are identified and arrangements are in place to meet them.

12.5 The registered manager is aware of DHSSPS strategic targets for the training of, and attainment of NVQ qualifications by, care workers.

12.6 Arrangements are in place to ensure that care workers are able to maintain their registration with the appropriate professional regulatory body.

12.7 A record is kept in the agency, for each member of staff, of all training, including induction, and professional development activities undertaken by staff. The record includes:

  • the names and signatures of those attending the
    training event;
  • the date(s) of the training;
  • the name and qualification of the trainer or the
    training agency; and
  • content of the training programme.

12.8 There is a written training and development plan that is kept under review and is updated at least annually. It reflects the training needs of individual staff and the aims and objectives of the agency.

12.9 The effect of training on practice and procedures is evaluated as part of quality improvement.

Note: Information about NISCC's Induction Standards can be accessed

Registered Managers need the qualifications and experience set out on page 49 of the Standards in order to register with RQIA.

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1 Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland.


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