United Kingdom Homecare Association
The professional association for homecare providers

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United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) is the national professional association and representative association for organisations who provide care, including nursing care, to people in their own homes.

UKHCA's business strategy looks to support our homecare-providing members’ ability to deliver sustainable, high quality, responsive services while also helping them to manage current and future challenges and opportunities. The strategy is classified under three main headings or strategic imperatives, each supported by strategic actions:

Strategic imperative - Promotion

Strategic action: Represent
Objective: Members of the public, policy makers and other related professionals recognise the importance of homecare to the individual, family, society and economy and ensure that it is resourced and regulated appropriately for the benefit of all.

Strategic action: Advance
Objective: Homecare is valued as an essential and high quality service.

Strategic imperative - Capacity enhancement

Strategic action: Inform and educate
Objective: Homecare providers deliver high quality sustainable services to the individual through skilled and committed staff.

Strategic action: Advise and inspire
Objective: Service quality is continuously improved through innovation and the sharing of good practice.

Strategic action: Collaborate
Objective: Knowledge and skills from other bodies are harnessed and reciprocated for the benefit of people who use homecare services.

Strategic imperative - Sustainability

Strategic action: Resource
Objective: The strategic objectives are delivered through planned growth in UKHCA’s resources and capacity.

Strategic action: Diversify
Objective: UKHCA optimises opportunities for growth for the benefit of its members and people who use services.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a United Kingdom where a choice of high quality, sustainable home-based care is available to everyone who would benefit.

Our Mission

As a member-led professional association, our mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so that people can continue to live at home and in their local community.

The Values we will adopt as we deliver our strategy


We will be efficient and effective in our work; accountable, honest and driven by quality.


We are focused on our mission; wholehearted in our approach and will see things through.


Our advice and campaigning will be fact-based and we will be authoritative on homecare and related issues.


We will be considerate, responsive, patient and respectful in our dealings with others and will listen intelligently.


We will anticipate and research issues and, as leaders in the field, will be positive and constructive in our approach.

Promoting Quality in Homecare

UKHCA produces information on good practice and acts as a focal point for innovation and quality within the care industry. It fosters the exchange of information and ideas between members; monitors developments in the UK and internationally which may be of interest to members and forms links with other organisations and individuals having similar or sympathetic objectives where co-operation will benefit members and recipients of home care.

Working to our Code of Practice

UKHCA members comply with our Code of Practice which contains guidelines to ensure that, when supplying home care:

  • The highest standards of care are provided
  • The rights and welfare of clients are paramount; and
  • The rights and welfare of care workers are protected.

History and Background

UKHCA was formed in 1989 to represent the views of independent sector providers of domiciliary care.  It was set up to respond to the many issues arising from the changes in health and social care legislation, which were shaping the future of the sector.  

UKHCA has grown and offers more benefits to its members and a high profile representative role.  The Association takes an active role in liaison with local and central government on all domiciliary care and related issues. It represents its member organisations in the rapidly changing social care sector through contact with:

  • National Government and the devolved administrations
  • Local Government
  • Statutory Regulators
  • Social care commissioners
  • Voluntary and campaigning organisations
  • The media
  • The general public

The devolved agenda has become increasingly important with the introduction of care regulation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Wherever they are, our members receive the professional support of UKHCA.

UKHCA members providing domiciliary care represent a wide cross section of providers – from small businesses to large organisations encompassing the statutory sector, private, not-for-profit, voluntary and charitable concerns. Our members are based all around the UK, from city centres to rural locations.

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