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Website Accessibility

We want this website to be easy for everyone to use and have adopted an international standard for accessibility  (WCAG 2.0 Link opens in a new window, conformance level AA). Some of the features that are used to increase the accessibility of this website are described below.  If you experience any problems using this website, please contact the webmaster.

Access Keys

There are several access keys available on this site:

These access keys are available on every page.

The following table shows how to activate access keys on several common browsers. The information is correct as of march 2015 but, please consult your Browser help for up to date information on using Access Keys.

Browser Windows Linux Mac
Internet Explorer [Alt] + accesskey
(In addition, you may need to press the Enter/Return key to activate some links)
Chrome [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Microsoft Edge [Alt] + accesskey
Firefox [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Safari [Alt] + accesskey N/A [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Opera Opera 15 or newer: [Alt] + accesskey
Opera 12.1 or older: [Shift] [Esc] + accesskey

Language Translation

If you prefer to read our website in another language we have implemented the Google Translate Link opens in a new window plugin service. This service performs real-time translation of UKHCA web pages based on your selected language. Please note that this may not be 100% accurate and UKHCA can not take responsibility for errors in translation or any misunderstanding arising from these.

To use web page translation you must have a current JavaScript interpreter installed and enabled for your web bowser.

If you have JavaScript installed:

  • For all web browsers including Internet Explorer 9 and later : You can select your preferred language from the drop down list displayed in the "Translate site" box at the top, right side of any UKHCA web page. Google will do the rest for you and will continue to translate each page on our site until you cancel it.


    Please note: as of 12th Jan 2016 Microsoft ended support for all older versions of Internet Explorer (pre Internet Explorer 11). For your security, if you are using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier you should consider upgrading to the latest version or using an alternate browser. More information can be found on the Microsoft Website at


Font Sizing (IE 11+ and all other browsers)

Although we recommend that you use your operating system or browsers Zoom feature (usually accessed by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the + or - keys), we provide a basic font resizer for our web pages which works on a per page basis (you will need to resize the font for each page you visit).

The resizer tool can be found in the Accessibility tab on the right side of each page.*

To increase the size of the current pages font click the large "A". To decrease the font size click the small "A". Note that resizing fonts like this can cause text to overflow its' containing boxes and into other text.

*You must be using Internet Explorer 9 (or later, see the note above) or any other browser and have JavaScript enabled to use the "Accessibility" box at the top of each page.

External Links

Where a link will take you off this site to another site, the link title attribute is set as "External Link" as an indication. All external links will open in a new Browser window.

Browser Settings

While every effort has been made to make the site easy to use, you may wish to ajust the appearance for your specific needs. It is possible to change text size and colour, as well as background colours by altering the preferences or options in your Browser. The exact details of how to do this will be different for each type of Browser, so you should consult your Browser's help section.

The presentation of this website can be changed by turning off the style sheet in the browser preferences, or by substituting your own style sheet.

Drop Down Menus

This site uses drop down menus for navigation, however, you may prefer the navigation stucture to be static. You can switch drop down menus on and off below.

Please note:

  • A cookie will need to be installed on your browser (see our privacy policy) for changes to take effect
  • Drop down menus will only occur if you have scripts enabled.
  • Drop down menus are available for browsers which support Java Script.

Turn off drop down menus.