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Costing Model revised per hour calculator

ItemYour Data Cost ££  
Length of Visitminutes
Hourly Rate - Weekday£per hour
Hourly Rate - Weekend£per hour
Bank Holiday premium%

Mileage between visitsmiles
Speed of TravelMPHor Time taken:  minutes
Travel Timeminutes
Break timeminutes

Gross pay including NI and pension

   - NI%
   - pension%

   - holiday pay%
   - training time%
   - sick pay%
   - notice/suspension pay%

Travel Payment per Mile£per mile£Employee Cost

Staffing, recruitment and training

   - management / office team%
   - staff recruitment%
   - training costs:%
   - apprenticeship levy:%

Premises, utilities and services

   - rent, rates and utilities%
   - IT equipment%
   - telephony%
   - equipment hire%


   - ppe & consumables%
   - stationery%


   - marketing%
   - cost of finance%
   - insurance%
   - legal/professional%

Other business overheads

   - business travel%
   - general%£Business Cost
Profit/Surplus%£Total Costs
 £Equivalent hourly rate