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Report challenges perceptions of domiciliary care workforce in WalesReport challenges perceptions of domiciliary care workforce in Wales

In a recent blog, David Pritchard, Registrar at Social Care Wales, reflects on what can be learned from the Register of social care workers in Wales.

He says there are nearly 20,000 people homecare workers in Wales - more than double the total of health care assistants and ambulance staff working in the NHS.

64% have an appropriate qualification, and most of the remainder are currently working for one.

Two-thirds of workers have been in their current role for more than two years, and one in five is still doing the same job after 10 years.

Homecare workers are predominately women (84%).

David comments that future recruitment needs to attract a more diverse workforce, which has implications for levels of pay in the sector and the way recruitment campaigns are designed.

Blog 'What can we learn from our first report on domiciliary care workers in Wales?'

Domiciliary care workers on the Register report, Social Care Wales, 1 June 2020.

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