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PPE Guidance revision in England - How to work safely in domiciliary carePPE Guidance revision in England - How to work safely in domiciliary care

Revised PPE guidance for homecare providers in England has now been published by PHE.

Personal protective equipment (PPE): resource for care workers delivering domiciliary care during sustained COVID-19 transmission in England - GOV.UK (

Our member organisations had an e-mail alert about the changes on Thursday 1 April. We encourage homecare providers to read PHE's revised PPE guidance in full. The most significant changes are as follows:

  1. Sessional use of face masks is no longer recommended in homecare: At the end of each homecare visit, the facemask should be disposed of and fresh PPE, including a new facemask, will need to be donned before entering the next client's home.
  2. If a client has respiratory symptoms compatible with recent COVID-19 infection, or has tested positive for COVID-19, it is recommended that eye protection (visor or goggles) is worn (along with a Type IIR mask, which is already required).
  3. Eye protection and face masks should be removed and disposed of after completing personal care for each homecare client. If the eye protection is not labelled as single use only, then it needs to be decontaminated before reuse.

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