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Recruitment and retention

This page is designed to bring together a range of resources, guidance and information on homecare staff recruitment and retention from across the sector.


Expert tips

Neil Eastwood, founder of Sticky People and author of 'Saving Social Care', has recorded two webinars for UKHCA members on care staff recruitment and retention. These are available exclusively to UKHCA members and the links to each are below:

Recruitment webinar

Homecare staff recruitment tips from UKHCA members

There are a number of different ways that organisations can recruit homecare staff. We surveyed UKHCA members to see what works best for them.

Please note that the following techniques require different levels of financial and time investment and may require different combinations to be most effective.

Effective recruitment methods

  • Word of mouth referrals
  • Employee loyalty schemes
  • Internet job boards
  • Facebook
  • Directly approaching staff in similar roles
  • Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Less effective recruitment methods

  • Local radio
  • Direct mail
  • Twitter
  • Job centre
  • Ads in local shops
  • Local community groups
  • Recruitment agencies

UKHCA resources


Criminal record (DBS) checks

UKHCA's Disclosure Service team have extensive experience with care staff applications so they can quickly guide you on how best to complete criminal record checks on current or prospective employees - allowing your care staff to start work sooner. Some of the benefits include:

  • In-depth care sector knowledge
  • Support on applications to ensure accuracy
  • Experienced with applications from foreign nationals
  • Quickly submit applications online
  • DBS Adult First checks available to enable careworkers to start work before their full DBS check has been completed
  • Transparent pricing with preferential rates for UKHCA members

To register to use UKHCA's Disclosure Service - simply email the UKHCA Disclosure Service team with your company name, address, contact number and the full name and email address for each person you would like to use the service.

For further information on DBS checks and the Disclosure and Barring service please refer to the following: