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The Homecare Deficit Report, October 2018

The Homecare Deficit 2018

UKHCA’s major report on homecare exposes the scale of underfunding of a fragile state-funded sector across England’s nine government regions and in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Using data obtained under Freedom of Information legislation, UKHCA found that the average prices paid for homecare in the UK is just £16.12 per hour, almost £2 per hour less than UKHCA’s Minimum Price for Homecare of £18.01 per hour.

UKHCA calculates that the UK’s homecare sector needs at least £402 million per year to ensure that homecare workers receive the statutory National Living Wage, while also ensuring that homecare providers can meet their statutory obligations.

However, the size of the deficit this year would be £921 million if national governments and local councils were to commit to raising the status of the homecare workforce to at least the independently calculated Real Living Wage.

See "The Homecare Deficit 2018".

Front cover of UKHCA report: A Minimum Price for Homecare

A Minimum Price for Homecare

UKHCA’s minimum price for homecare services of £18.93 per hour from April 2019 allows full compliance with the National Minimum Wage and the delivery of sustainable homecare services to local authorities and the NHS.

The calculations in this latest version have been updated for the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, and the second planned increase in minimum pension contributions (both of which come into force in April 2019). Equivalent calculations for the voluntary UK Living Wage, the Scottish Living Wage and the London Living Wage between November 2018 and October 2019 are also included. UKHCA is committed to using the best available data to support our calculations and version 6.0 also uses new assumptions for careworkers’ travel time and mileage costs.

UKHCA Policy Director, Colin Angel, said: "It is essential that a viable regulated homecare sector is available to support the care of older and disabled people who choose to remain at home. The prices councils pay for care must cover the costs of the workforce, including - as a minimum - full-compliance with statutory minimum wage levels and the costs of running a regulated care service. UKHCA’s Minimum Price for Homecare provides a thorough rationale for the costs of state-funded care and is highlighted in Government’s Care and Support Statutory Guidance (for England) as an approach which can be adopted by councils."

See "A Minimum Price for Homecare" briefing.