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17. RAR - Regulation 20: Duty of candour

These are the resources you may find useful when looking for information relating to this specific outcome as described in the Guidance about compliance, Essential standards of quality and safety (England).


    The UKHCA Code of Practice (1st February 2016)

    Front cover of the UKHCA Code of Practice

    As a member-led professional association, our mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so that people can continue to live at home and in their local community.

    The Code of Practice reflects UKHCA member organisations’ commitment to this Mission.

    This Code of Practice applies to all UKHCA members providing homecare services to people of all ages and in all situations. Where UKHCA members are acting as an employment agency (solely providing introductory services) they will abide by the Code of Practice, to the extent that the Code applies to the services they offer. All UKHCA members will sign their agreement to abide by the Code of Practice on first becoming members and re-affirm this annually at renewal.

    You can read the contents of the Code of Practice online or download a copy using the below links.

    Go to: The UKHCA Code of Practice (1st February 2016)


    External Links

    Below are external links to organisations that have already produced useful information relating to this regulatory topic.


    Department of Health

    Official website of UK Department of Health, the government department responsible for public health issues.

    Visit: Department of Health [Link opens in a new window] Link opens in new window


    Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)

    The Mental Capacity Act creates a new service, the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) service. Its purpose is to help vulnerable people who lack capacity who are facing important decisions made by the NHS and Local Authorities about serious medical treatment and changes of residence - for example, moving to a hospital or care home.

    Visit: Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) [Link opens in a new window] Link opens in new window