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13. Financial protection

These are the resources you may find useful when looking for information relating to this specific standard as described in the National Minimum Standards for Domiciliary Care Agencies Wales.


    UKHCA Briefing - Valuing A Business

    Available to UKHCA members only. Information on how to join UKHCA.

    UKHCA's new briefing is aimed at anyone buying, selling or simply running a business who needs to understand how businesses are valued. The worth of a business hinges upon how much profit a purchaser can make from it, balanced by the risks involved. Past profitability and asset values are only the starting points. It is often intangible factors, such as key business relationships, which provide the most value. This briefing outlines the uses of valuation, key factors affecting the value of a business, the standard methods of valuation and how to calculate profit for the purpose of valuation.

    Go to: UKHCA Briefing - Valuing A Business