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1. Informing and deciding

These are the resources you may find useful when looking for information relating to this specific standard as described in the National Care Standards, care at home (Scotland).


    Choosing Care at Home

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    Choosing Care at Home is UKHCA’s leaflet for service users considering purchasing homecare services. We send a copy of this to everyone who calls UKHCA looking for a suitable care provider and UKHCA members can also send this leaflet to prospective service users. The leaflet is presented in an accessible format to help people who may have some degree of visual impairment. Now featuring the Carers UK logo as a symbol of our commitment to work together, the leaflet can be downloaded without charge and is also available professionally printed in full colour using a UKHCA order form.

    Go to: Choosing Care at Home


    New rules on right to cancel in consumer's home from 13 June 2014

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    Available to UKHCA members only. Information on how to join UKHCA.

    Contracts made in a consumer’s home or place of work are subject to a right to cancel. A new set of regulations, coming into force on 13 June 2014, will (amongst other things) extend this right. David Taylor of Anthony Collins Solicitors explains the key changes and implications of the regulations from the point-of-view of homecare providers in our updated guidance for UKHCA members. Members will need to review their standard contracts with service users, to ensure they are correct from 13 June 2014 or risk the contract being held to be void, and possibly a fine. 

    Go to: New rules on right to cancel in consumer's home from 13 June 2014


    The UKHCA Code of Practice (1st February 2016)

    Front cover of the UKHCA Code of Practice

    As a member-led professional association, our mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so that people can continue to live at home and in their local community.

    The Code of Practice reflects UKHCA member organisations’ commitment to this Mission.

    This Code of Practice applies to all UKHCA members providing homecare services to people of all ages and in all situations. Where UKHCA members are acting as an employment agency (solely providing introductory services) they will abide by the Code of Practice, to the extent that the Code applies to the services they offer. All UKHCA members will sign their agreement to abide by the Code of Practice on first becoming members and re-affirm this annually at renewal.

    You can read the contents of the Code of Practice online or download a copy using the below links.

    Go to: The UKHCA Code of Practice (1st February 2016)


    External Links

    Below are external links to organisations that have already produced useful information relating to this regulatory topic.


    The Care Commission

    The Care Commission was set up in April 2002 under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate all adult, child and independent healthcare services in Scotland.

    Visit: The Care Commission [Link opens in a new window] Link opens in new window