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8. Keeping well - medication

These are the resources you may find useful when looking for information relating to this specific standard as described in the National Care Standards, care at home (Scotland).


    UKHCA Medication Policy Guidance - Revised February 2019

    Front Page of Medication Policy Guidance 2019

    Available to UKHCA members only. Information on how to join UKHCA.

    Medication is an increasing and significant aspect of care currently being requested and delivered by domiciliary care organisations. As such, there must be a clear policy outlining the level of administration the organisation can provide for the service user. The policy should then have accompanying procedures to give care workers clear instruction on all aspects of the medication assistance.

    This Medication Policy Guidance document has been updated in February 2019 and is intended to give homecare providers guidance on formulating their own medication policy and procedures. It should not be considered a stand-alone policy and providers should make suitable adjustments to reflect their organisation’s circumstances, contractual obligations, indemnity insurance and any conditions placed on their registration by their statutory regulator. 

    Your insurance cover may be prejudiced if you knowingly failed to comply with this Policy Guidance.

    Further assistance in writing a medication policy and procedures can also be gained by using UKHCA's Medication Policy Template.

    Go to: UKHCA Medication Policy Guidance - Revised February 2019


    UKHCA Medication Policy Template

    Screen shot of application

    Available to UKHCA members only. Information on how to join UKHCA.

    UKHCA’s Medication Policy Template, has been developed to assist organisations to write their own, comprehensive medication policy. This Template is based on the latest UKHCA Medication Policy Guidance Document.

    Note that the UKHCA Medication Policy Template requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later to be installed on your machine before you install the UKHCA Medication Policy Template. This Framework is included as part of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 which is included in Windows 10, 8 and 7 (installation instructions are available here, in the section "Enable the .NET Framework 3.5 in Control Panel") and available free from Microsoft for earlier editions of Windows.

    Further information including terms and conditions of use.

    Go to: UKHCA Medication Policy Template


    Medication Administration Record (MAR) Sheet

    First page of document

    Available to UKHCA members only. Information on how to join UKHCA.

    This 31 or 28 day double sided Medication Administration Record sheet may be freely downloaded by UKHCA members as an aid to medication administration for both training and practical day to day purposes. It is available in Excel format, and includes a version for use with Pharmacy Prepared Managed Dosage Systems (MDS).

    Go to: Medication Administration Record (MAR) Sheet


    Medication 'Train the Trainer' Programme (New 4th Edition)

    More information on Medication

    The complete set of course materials from our Medication 'Train the Trainer' workshop, now updated to the 4th edition.

    Purchase: Medication 'Train the Trainer' Programme (New 4th Edition)


    External Links

    Below are external links to organisations that have already produced useful information relating to this regulatory topic.


    The Care Commission

    The Care Commission was set up in April 2002 under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate all adult, child and independent healthcare services in Scotland.

    Visit: The Care Commission [Link opens in a new window] Link opens in new window